NAD+ IV Infusion Therapy

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NAD+ IV Infusion Therapy

Vida-Flo offers NAD+ in different dosages for treatment of a variety of issues and to achieve singular and distinct goals. All infusion protocols are governed by our Medical Director and administrated by our licensed registered nurses who also supervise the process.


Although we naturally produce NAD+, like most things, it reduces with age. This “miracle” molecule is mostly associated with its positive effect on aging and many researchers consider it the closest science has gotten to a “Fountain of Youth”. Intravenous use of NAD+ activates enzymes in the bloodstream called “sirtuins” that promote the “good” aspects of your genes which facilitates longer, healthier living, thus reducing some side effects of aging.

Vida-Flo’s proprietary administration technique has been developed over the course of years by the country’s leading researchers and providers of NAD+. Our treatment time is shorter, our protocols are safer, and the Vida-Flo results are proven much more effective than anyone else in the United States.

Treatment Protocol:

1-2-hour infusion of 250mg NAD


With intravenous NAD+ therapy, the molecule works rapidly to repair cells throughout the body and neurons in the brain. It serves as a catalyst in ultimate brain renovation, allowing us to mentally reach higher than ever before and helps overcome depression, anxiety and common mood disorders. With optimal brain function, you can make everyday a good day.

Treatment Protocol:

2-3-hour infusion of 500mg NAD


Treatment of NAD+ 1000mg drip or 750mg drip over 4 days

NAD+ has been linked to brain renovation and may drastically reduce drug dependence by rejuvenating the opiate receptors. Restoration of proper brain biochemistry helps to break addiction and can replenish brain nutrients that have been depleted by substance abuse.

Treatment Protocol:

4-6-hour infusion of 1000mg NAD for 4 days
3-4-hour infusion of 750mg for 4 days

NAD+ IV Infusion Pricing

Members receive 30% off. Financing Available

Single Treatment

Dosage Duration Member Non-Member
250mg Approximately 1-2 HRS $200 $275
500mg Approximately 2-3 HRS $400 $550
750mg Approximately 3-4 HRS $600 $825
1000mg Approximately 4-6 HRS $800 $1100

4X Treatment (Recommended Protocol)

Dosage Duration Member Non-Member
4X 250mg Approximately 1-2 HRS Each $720 $1000
4X 500mg Approximately 2-3 HRS Each $1440 $2000
4X 750mg Approximately 3-4 HRS Each $2160 $3000
4X 1000mg Approximately 4-6 HRS Each $2880 $4000

Booster Infusions – After initial treatment protocol completion

Dosage Duration Member Non-Member
500 Approximately 2-3 HRS Each $350 $475
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